Custom curbing explained

What is concrete curbing?

Concrete curbing is the most cost-effective, attractive and sensible edging product available today!

Produced by a unique  automated process, decorative curbing compliments any landscape setting WITHOUT disturbing your existing plants and vegetation.

Concrete curbing is highly attractive and has the versatility to please the most discriminating tastes. Concrete curbing instantly adds value to your property in just a few days! Because it is virtually maintenance free, this type of edging is becoming more and more popular.

There are infinite reasons why you would benefit from having custom curbs installed.

~Installation is quick and easy, with little or no mess
~It’s permanent and maintenance free
~Reduces trimming and edging time and saves money by preserving bedding materials
~Prevents erosion and helps irrigate expensive flowers and plants
~Provides barriers for roots and borders for grass, patios and driveways
~Other edging products rust, rot, break and shift – but curbing remains vibrant for the life of your landscape!
~Can be installed in residential, commercial, new construction, older homes, and all other types of properties

Your curbs can be as unique as you want!

~We can make curbs to beautify and compliment any landscape setting. Offering a clean, distinctive look neighbours will envy.
~We can match any other style or hardscape with looks of brick, stone, slate and many other options
~We offer a wide range of colors, accents, and antique looks to choose from making every curbing job completely unique.
~There are dozens of curb styles, shapes, and patterns available
~You can add curbs easily to the front yard, back yard, or entire property!

Want something even more unique?

~Add some lighting built in to your curb! By illuminating the landscape with soft backlighting, your home gains warmth, security, and a very attractive look.

The many places we like to curb

~Flower beds, gardens, pools, and natural areas
~Tree rings, mailboxes, and courtyards
~Around any hardscape setting (lining your driveway, sidewalk, patio, garden paths and walkways or any other hardscape you may have)

Where do we provide service?

~Calgary and all surrounding areas. Including but not limited to Airdrie, High River, Okotoks, and Cochrane.